Yay! It’s coming! World NGO Day is February 27th and here at NPOwer we are so excited to deliver NPOwer’s very First NGO conference on Saturday, 2-22-2020.  
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Cassandra Richardson

Civic Service Consulting/ The Wildflower Institute
Project Coordinator
Sint Maarten

Cassandra is passionate about social justice issues, a community developer and mobilizer in her own right, and a lover of people and all things fun.  She built most of her academic and working career in the United States and Canada, respectively. She holds a bachelor’s degree, double majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Journalism and Environmental Science from the University of St. Catherine’s in St. Paul Minnesota, and two Master degrees, one in Social Work and the other in Communication and Social Justice, both from the University of Windsor in Windsor Ontario, Canada. 

Ms. Richardson after moving back to her home of origin, St. Maarten, took on a new challenge and before co-founding the Wildflower Institute and her own business, Civic Service Consulting, was appointed Executive Director of the Safe Haven Foundation, a domestic violence shelter for women experiencing intimate partner violence. Before ending her appointment with the Safe Haven Foundation, she fulfilled roles as Executive Director, implementing the wider vision of the foundation. She filled the position as a counselor and therapist to women and their families that are victims of domestic violence. She is an educator on gender-based violence, an advocate for gender equality and children and youth rights in her St. Maarten community. She is a proponent for access to programs and opportunities alleviating the poverty of vulnerable groups.

She spends some of her time working in community development in assisting NGO’s and NPO’s increase and strengthen their organizational capacity, and still dedicates her time working with and advocating for victims of domestic violence. She consults for various government departments and civic service organizations on preventing gender-based violence.  She has been appointed to a pioneering role with the Dutch Kingdom to develop the inter-island framework for seriously threatened victims of domestic violence. A TEDx presenter on art and community mobilization, she has been invited on neighboring islands and internationally to speak about her unique experiences and expertise in working with various art forms to incite social change in the community, bringing education and awareness of social issues.

In her downtime, she takes much pleasure being in the company of good friends and family and spends time playing the heart-pounding and dynamic rhythms of the African djembe drum.