Yay! It’s coming! World NGO Day is February 27th and here at NPOwer we are so excited to deliver NPOwer’s very First NGO conference on Saturday, 2-22-2020.  

Shelly Alphonso

Positive Foundation
I am President and co- founder of the Positive Foundation (1998). Every October, since its inception, the Positive Foundation spearheads an annual month long breast cancer awareness campaign. The Foundation’s undertakings are very extensive as it encompasses screening, education, fundraising, fitness and awareness activities.
The foundation is currently collaborating with AUC and the Health Ministry in a research project which began in 2017. The results of this project may provide a basis for screening guidelines for St. Maarten which could lead to earlier detection for all of us on St. Maarten, The foundation was recognized for its outstanding work in St. Maarten by Conscious Lyrics Foundation in 2008, the Commissioner of Culture of St. Maarten in 2009 and the Rotaract Sunrise Club in 2010.
In 2013, I received an award from then Prime Minister of St. Maarten, Sarah Wescot- Williams for “Outstanding Achievements in Community Outreach”. I also received the “Inspiring Change” award in March 2014 from The David Company and Dr. Alicia Liverpool. During that same period Woman2Woman, Phenomenal Women recognized me for my consistent contributions to women’s health awareness. On King\\'s day April 2016, I was given a Royal Decoration and became a member of the Order of Oranje Nassau.