Yay! It’s coming! World NGO Day is February 27th and here at NPOwer we are so excited to deliver NPOwer’s very First NGO conference on Saturday, 2-22-2020.  
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Freegan Food Foundation

Freegan Food Foundation
Managing Director
Philipsburg, Netherlands Antilles
The Freegan Food Foundation gathers what is considered ‘waste' from supermarkets and wholesalers and distributes it the people who are in need on St. Maarten. So produce that has no shelve life, has dents, or is not sellable in another way. Canned food that is close to date, or damaged during transport. Basically anything the shops can’t sell anymore but is perfectly fine to consume, the foundation distributes amongst the less fortunate on the island.

The Freegan Food Foundation tries to prevent waste in many ways, like today they are serving you delicious fresh mocktails to keep your mind fit for workshops but also to quench your thirst. And since mocktails are without alcohol, you will not get wasted. Find them, hear their story, support them and get refreshed all at the same time!